The future on my Palm

According to Yahoo! Tech News, Palm OS’s future is bleak. Smartphones running Palm OS now rank 5th (second to last) in sales, even far behind RIM.

The prognosis may be true as far as I’m concerned. My Palm 515 has been hibernating in my hand bag for two weeks already. I’ve barely touched it since I acquired my Sony Ericsson K610i last December. So bad the two cannot communicate with each other so that data may be synced, for one. Also, I guess there’s a lot of work to be done before the two can do so through the help of my Linux notebook.

My phone is not a smartphone in a strict sense. But it does have a lot more features than my Palm PDA. So my PDA has born the grunt of the fast wave of mobile technology.

What do I do with my Palm, then? Don’t advise me to sell it. It’s a cherished find.

  1. Make it my official Document Reader (through iSilo) on the road. This is when I don’t have my laptop with me and when reading long documents on my phone (through saved web pages) becomes very tedious.
  2. Another address book. My phone is not capable of storing large chunks of data, particularly in important fields like address and notes.
  3. Repository for photo albums. But I need to work around it using freeware or open-source applications.
  4. Wait till there’s hope for it to be converted to Linux. (Hoping against hope.) I pinned my hope on ucLinux, but the proejct almost stopped development.

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