Castro-Chavez tandem vs Bush-Blair affair

Last night, my wife and I attended a get-together of her college friends. We informed them that the entire family would migrate to Canada several years from now. I half-joked that we’d only come back if there were a new social and political system–nationalist and progressive–in place. Then we chatted about Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez, more particularly the former for his sad state of health. We wished the Philippines would be like Cuba and Venezuela. But then again, not one of us sounded optimistic that we would ever be like either of the two.

Now, I came across a news story about Castro and Chavez having a tete-a-tete last Jan. 29. The story carried a snapshot of the video-taped conversation. For sure, that coverage was aimed at dispelling ‘official rumors’ that Castro’s health is so bad that he’d pass out soon.

I love seeing both socialist leaders confiding each other. If there were a contest for the best political friendship in the globe, I’d vote for them. Surely, there’s a marked difference from the Bush-Blair connection.

I wish that Tio Fidel and Hugo continue the tandem and carry on what they have started. Together, they could make a difference in this already unjustly-globalized world much to the marginalization of the poor and even ever-developing nations. The Bush-Blair tandem’s war on terrorism has gotten so much attention that the real issues like global poverty lost focus.

Before the South American leaders leave their mortal lives, second- to third-line leaders must be groomed and honed to follow in their footsteps. Because it’s imperative to continue and eventually win the battle for moral and political hegemony–all for the better world that we dream of.

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