Choosing your Linux PDF reader

I got an email with a PDF attachment. It had been produced through Adobe PageMaker so I thought that perhaps there would a glitch in rendering the PDF on my Linux box. There was. I opened it by default with kpdf. Look at the second object below.

Never losing hope, I tried Evince, being the supposed equivalent of Gnome for KDE’s kpdf. The output looked like the first object below.

Then I tried the lowly xpdf. It was so unfair for this app to be accorded the last priority. Just look at the output below (third object). It’s much better than any of two big brothers.

Of course, Adobe Acrobat Reader was able to approximate what the document looked like on the Microsoft Windows system. Let’s give it to that app.

My winner is xpdf. It loads very fast and renders PDF files very well.

Evince kpdf

xpdf Adobe Acrobat Reader

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