Producing MS Office-friendly presentations (Impress)


The first slide is original OOo Impress. The second is MS Powerpoint’s rendition of the Powerpoint-version of the Impress slide. There’s a marked difference between the two, right? The second slide just sucks.

Before you prepare your presentation (Impress), answer this question: Is it going to be presented using a computer that runs only Microsoft Office (that is, you’ll have to export it to an MS Powerpoint version)? If your answer is yes, follow this advice: In general, you may choose any template that you like, but be open for changes in the actual design of your presentation, in consideration of the following:

  1. Backgrounds. Choose a background that does not use gradated colors. MS Office bastardizes rendition of the gradated backgrounds. Perhaps it’s the fault of OOo for not having exported the document to MS Office perfectly.
  2. Fonts. Use Microsoft fonts like Arial, Times New Roman, Verdana, Arial Narrow and Tahoma. Avoid open-source fonts like Bitstream Vera.

Once you have exported the file to Powerpoint version, open that version and review the file to make sure things have not fallen out of place. Also review the custom animation, that is, transition of the slide objects. There is a likelihood that the animation you did with Impress has changed with the Powerpoint version. Then save the changes to Powerpoint version.

Always remember that your official file copy is the Impress version. Changes in the text and cosmetics must be made in it not in the Powerpoint version. Of course, it’s tedious to go through the cycle of change-impress-then-export-to-powerpoint-then-check-powerpoint. We’re living yet in this crazy Microsoft-dominated computing world.

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