Vista in the Philippines

I heard that Vista was launched with fanfare at Mall of Asia last weekend. I wish the Philippines were an American state marked by the issue of proprietary software. It would have been easy to organize a picket-rally to oppose the launch. Reality is I’m in the Philippines. People don’t care yet about the issue, which means there’s a lot of efforts to be exerted before they will.

Let me go back to the launch. The money spent for it came from the purse of the Redmond giant, which alloted billions of dollars for Vista’s global marketing blitz. I’m not sure what effect it would register on the people who witnessed the launch. Never mind people who have been Windows blind followers from the start. I don’t care if technology writers rave about Vista like they’re paid hacks. What I’m looking for are testimonies proving that Vista plainly sucks.

The said that certain big businesses have already made a shift to Vista, and there is no way the others cannot afford to follow suit. Microsoft Philippines predicts that at the end of 2007, people will have shifted to Vista.

I had a wonderful morning when a techie writer reported on the the travail he underwent in using Vista, resolving at the end that we would stick to XP until Microsoft stops supporting it. (Support to XP ends in 2011.)

Pinoy anti-Vista testimonies. Keep them coming.


  1. Ang mga tao lilipat sa Vi$ta? Nananaginip yata ang Micro$oft Philippines ng gising :)) Paano mangyayari yun, e, napakamahal ng hasta la Vi$ta. Saka, halimaw pa sa system requirements. Baka kailanganin mo pang bumuli ng bagong kompyuter. Wala pang office suite, isang malaking kalokohan. Sagad pa sa DRM. ‘Wag na uy… Mag-FOSS na lang. Sulit sa presyo, sulit sa hardware, sulit sa kalayaan at seguridad 🙂

  2. maganda ang VISTA! madali mag install. Sa lahat ng na install ko this went FLAWLESS! okay ang AERO Features nya!

    BUT I will stick to my WIN XP!!!

    MAHAL ang vista, and u need a new Computer to RUN AERO smoothly! And thre are lots of addtional programs running (na di naman needed) that its seems lahat ng RESOURCES mo kakainin nya!

    Well, anyway just my 2cents lang po.

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