CICT boosts alternatives to IP-sensitive (i.e., expensive) softwares

If there were few government agencies that must be commended and survive political transitions in governance, the CICT must be one of them. The CICT has really made tactical strides in the area of promoting alternative computing in all levels of governance.

One recent development is the distribution of free and open source software (FOSS) suites designed for various classes of computer users, namely:

  1. Productivity Suite. Designed for typical users in the homes and workplace. The package includes (alternative to Microsoft Office), Scribus DTP (desktop publishing, equivalent to Adobe PageMaker), NVU Web Author (web site production, equivalent to FrontPage), Artweaver (creative painting), GIMP (equivalent Photoshop), Blender 3D (3d modelling), PDF Creator, Media Player Classic, Digital AlbumDIY, CDBurner XP Pro, Firefox Browser, Thunderbird e-Mail, Imendio Planner (project management), and TurboCash Accounting.
  2. Creative Works Series. Designed for users in the digital media arts, this includes packages for drawing, image manipulation, 3D modeling and animation, plus an introduction to design fundamentals.
  3. Suite for community e-centers. It contains basic applications used in the community e-centers, another project of the CICT.

The distribution packaging keeps evolving based on the developments and needs of other sectors of computer users.

I have known friends and organizations successfully using the FOSS applications. They’ve been computing without any worries on the licensing and data security (note: FOSS running under Windows does not guarantee total protection from viruses). What they experience instead is fun. So why not give it a try? Contact me if you need help.

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