Elections my neighborhood style

Look at the tally of votes gathered from my homeowners association election this morning. My name was listed fifth and my votes rank is 9th. What follows are my observations from the election:

  1. Just like in the past elections, the Comelec for this year’s election was composed of several staff from Marikina City government. They were very serious about their job but exerting efforts to break the ice when necessary.
  2. The list of candidates (as shown in the image) was not based on lastnames. The first name is our outgoing and incoming President, very popular for her industriousness and zeal as top leader. I found out that the listing was based on the positions taken by the outgoing officers, who happened to be ‘reelectionists’.
  3. Four of the candidates were couples. My wife also ran, but her name as listed carried my lastname. The Comelec should have been conscious about this. During the canvassing of votes, several votes were declared void because the voters indicated just the last names, thus creating ambiguity as to the persons they actually voted.
  4. The ranking method used was absurd. Candidates getting same number of votes were ranked differently–the one that was seen first by the Comelec ranked higher.
  5. The elections in my neighborhood since our President took over were always peaceful and easy to administer. This is because the officers, at least, have trust with one another. Plus the fact that no one has no ambition to get elected to the Presidency, given the busy nature of the work. Thank God our President has always signified to continue on despite her occasional qualms and whines.

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