FOSS apps made ubiquitous

Since we’re living yet in a Windows-dominated world, living the FOSS life may be an Herculean task. Not really. has got the answer. Just buy a flash disk with at least a 512-MB space (though I highly recommend a 1-GB one). Visit the site site and follow the instruction for downloading and installing the set of FOSS apps (e.g., Firefox,, Gaim, and Thunderbird).

portableapps.pngThen, try your FOSS-apps-on-the-go flash drive with a Windows machine. Insert it into a USB port. Then go to the PortableApps folder and double click on the StartPortableApps icon. The portableapps applet then sits down the right side of the taskbar. Click on it to show you the apps menu.

What a cool way to survive the proprietary world. Just look at the snapshot of the portableapps menu I got on a Windows machine. I’m now in an Internet cafe, whose owner is clueless that I’m not using any Windows app.

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