Opposition being revived in Marikina City

It’s election time and Marikina City’s pink color will be marred by red and black.

I know this as I am now at the All Leaders Assembly being mounted by former Cong. Ome Candazo, who claims to have been cheated during the mayoral election in 2004. The number of attendees is estimated to be over 900.

Don’t be deceived by the spick-and-span roads, complete street signs, nicely themed city celebrations, and biker-friendly traffic. This seems to be the message by the speakers. Despite and behind these cosmetics, citizens have remained poor in general, what with the very high taxes collected from them. Take it from the residents of barangays of District 2, which is the known bailiwick of Candazo.

The spirit of opposition is being felt but it seems to be lacking rigor at first. Solidarity messages from non-present Opposition figures like Loren Legarda (through a voice patch), Noynoy Aquino (through Sonny Parsons), and Chiz Escudero (through a personally written message as read by his aunt) helped a bit. The info that both Chiz and Loren have Mariqueno roots helped more.

Ome now declares war versus the cheats, implying of course the current city administration. It’s uncertain, though, which position he is going to run for: mayor or congressman? (My guess is that he’d run for Congressman of District 2.) Perhaps it’s intended not to be revealed yet; it’s not only because he’s not supposed to do so, lest he’d be charged with electioneering, but also to hold the nemeses in suspense and confusion. It’s good tactic.

The greatest gimmicks in this gathering were Sonny Parsons’ (of Hagibis fame) song renditions and a seven-minute movie about the story of father and disabled son who wowed the world for their courage to compete athletically as a team. The message was striking: Do not run alone. Ome’s campaign manager exclaimed that his boss is not running alone–his voters are the heart, and he is the body. Ome was already declared “Tinig ng Oposisyon” (Opposition’s Voice).

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