Marikina settlements chief to run for Congressman

I knew it. When my co-officer in the neighborhood association told me last Saturday that we were going to be inducted today at the Marikina Settlements Office, I wondered: what’s the fuss? I easily thought that there must be something up the sleeves of the city hall.

I was right. We were not only the ones swarming inside the MSO in the Sports Complex. There were four other associations awaiting to take oath of duty.

After waiting for so long, there came the MSO chief Marcy Teodoro, who’s also a city councilor. After he officiated the oath taking, we were asked to sit down and listen to him for a while.

The words that he uttered sounded like he was committing to things typical of an electoral candidate. Straight from his shoulders, Teodoro stated that he was trying his luck to win the Congressional race in May.

Ah oh, is he running in District 2, the same as Ome Candazo, I asked myself. He would be trying his luck indeed.

He said that he was running in another district. Ah, ok. You’re spared, man. And good luck.

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