‘Sugod mga kapatid!’

dsc00551.jpg I was inside a taxicab en route to UN Special Rapporteur’s debriefing with the civil society organizations regarding the outcome of his probe into extra-judicial killings in the Philippines. While in the heat of the traffic along Paseo de Roxas in Makati, my eyes could not escape that monument by Andres Bonifacio, who was brandishing a bolo and gun with his hands as if motioning motorists to charge on at a big target.

It’s as if Andres Bonifacio rose from the dead and  hopelessly agitated every motorist to make his or her horn blare out and reverberate in the city against the system that is still marked by inequality and inequity. Andres of the 19th century is no longer communicating with his kasamas (comrades) but with kapamilyas (people treated like family members)  [no association to Channel 2, please].  Sugod mga kapatid! (Let that popular song by Sandwich play on!)

I don’t mean to bastardize history and the century-old struggle for true people’s liberation. I just cannot control the wierdness of my mind as induced by snapshots of Philippine realities like that traffic scene in Makati. Perhaps, the picture suggests that, yes, the struggle still lives on but the forms to carry out that struggle must change in accordance with the modernity that the world has attained over the decades. Perhaps, the picture implies that the targets to lead a revolution are no longer limited to the workers and peasants. Taxi drivers and the middle class riding the taxicabs can do so in their own right. But who will lead and what will galvanize them? Andres Bonifacio of the second millennium, be born! New brand of revolution, be formed!

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