Floating toolbars may drown you

Navigating your long OOo Writer document interspersed with tables and indented paragraphs cannot be more annoying when the related toolbars keep afloat. Have you noticed that everytime you’re pointing or moving the cursor inside the table, the Table toolbar appears and when you move outside the table, the toolbar disappears? Intelligent, right? But not all intelligent things are desirable at the same time.

Try to move the cursor from a non-table area down until you get to the table and you’ll be surprised that the table toolbar is behaving like you’re inserting a table inside a table. Is that what you really want? Errr! Wrong guess. Actually, the context-sensitiveness of the floating toolbar also means it grabs the position of the cursor from the table. To return the position back to the buffer area, you have to press the <Esc> button. Which should should be tedious as far as your document navigation is concerned.

There are two options to keep away from that annoyance. One, drag the toolbar up the toolbars area so that it gets stuck in it. Two, hide or disable it (View->Toolbars->Table). The advantage is it doesn’t take up window space but the downside is that you no longer have access to the table command buttons.

One comment

  1. I made a custom toolbar, which doesn’t float, dock, disappear, be annoying, etc, while I navigate. But its got the relevant buttons in it. We’ll see if thats better…

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