Yoko means ‘I don’t stop’: She says Lennon’s spirit lives on

Frankly, I almost forgot the Lennono (Lennon and Ono) legend until I read a news report quoting the feminine side of the legend.My God, Yoko Ono is already 74 years old? And despite her age, there’s no stopping her from releasing her new album entitled “Yes, I’m a Witch”. Her name really fits her. ‘Yoko’ is a contracted Filipino word meaning ‘I don’t want’. There’s no stopping her, indeed.

Her coming out is very timely not only because it did me good (for remembering my idol once again) but also because it reminds the public that the activism that has characterized the music of many artists finds its roots in the activism of the predecessors, with Lennon being one. She claimed, though, that she has found no equivalent to her husband, which is understandable given the different context of today’s music. Watching the film “The US vs. John Lennon”, according to Ono, will inspire musicians and non-musicians alike to continue the fight for true world peace.

I’m not very conversant at today’s music; I only rely on people’s feedback. I stopped paying significant attention to activist music since the U2′s heyday in the mid-90s.

Nevertheless, I agree that Comrade John Lennon‘s spirit lives on. Only that I need to find music that opposes Bush’s anti-terrorism antics, for instance. Anyone?

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