Teaching the Way by the walkway

dsc00593.jpgOur neighborhood in the two-hectare compound is packed full of kids. Perhaps, our block has the most number, as one kid is born almost every year. Every weekend, expect the bunch of boisterous children playing at the walkway.

On Saturdays or Sundays, if you notice the noise coming from the children toned down, most likely, young protestant catechists had come and organized one hour of session with the kids. All the while, I thought that the Roman Catholics were the only ones holding this mission for the kids.

My youngest kid, Josh Herald, is looking on (see picture). He had been one of the kids praying but when he noticed that I was there taking a photograph, he posed. His kuyas were not there with the kids, though. I don’t know why. Is it because they thought that the catechists were not Roman Catholics? (Josh’s kuyas have attended Catholic schools.)

Here’s a funny one. Yesterday, when that session was going on, my other son, Robb, asked me whether the catechists were giving food. I said yes. That made me think that maybe food is one of the come-ons for the kids to attend the session. In the middle of the session, one catechist would pull out temporarily to buy some junky food from the nearby store, which would be distributed to the kids during a break.

I’m giving the God’s missionaries, however young they are, the credit for alloting time for the kids on the block. I believe that what they do has surely tamed the children who at their age have the tendency to be bullies and say swear words, at least.

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