Undigitalized images

Are you fond of taking pictures and videos of everything that interests you? I am. It’s the reason why I have bought a camera phone, with its 2MP-resolution feature and few effects (but without a zoom capacity 😦 ). At least with video mode, I can make use of zooms. A camera phone’s advantage over a videocam or digicam is that the former is handy. I can even send a picture or video that I have just taken to email or blog.

I am fond of taking pictures of and publishing stuff that are of human interest and present paradoxes and ironies in life. However, it just frustrates me when there are times that I am not able to capture these moments for various reasons.

In this blog entry, I am listing all of the images that I am not able to capture with my camera phone. This entry will be updated as necessary.

  1. Coffin car that was moving very fast as if in a race. At least, it was not playing elegiac music, enough to make me shiver with dread. (Feb. 19)

  2. Vendor of taho (soya milk) using a pedicab (a bicycle with a wheeled extension that serves to carry limited number of persons and things). Usually, a taho vendor carries his wares on his shoulder (two silvery vessels containing the taho and hanging from a lever). But this taho vendor that I saw must either be tired or practical which explains his using a pedicab. (Feb 20)

  3. A group of taong grasa (about 7 of them) under a waiting shed. Seated on ground, they were not practically talking to one another but they were pretty close like attached to an ether. They look blackish, being soiled at the body and clothes they are wearing. (Feb 23)

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