Ballmer: Linux infringes on Microsoft’s IP

All right, this news is several months old already. But I guess that it’s worth mentioning here, just the same. Yes Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was quoted in November 2006 to have said:

“Microsoft was motivated to sign a deal with SUSE Linux distributor Novell Inc. earlier this month because Linux “uses our intellectual property” and Microsoft wanted to “get the appropriate economic return for our shareholders from our innovation.”

The nerve that Ballmer had did backfire to him. The Computerworld magazine was able to collect readers’ reactions to his statement. Most reactions basically imply Microsoft’s lack of moral ascendancy to claim ownership of things it was capable of copying from other companies.

If Microsoft’s claim were true,  I wonder how it would proceed with testing even one Linux user to be charged in court. Tsk, tsk. See how super profit orientation can make the bosses goof up in public.


  1. It will never prosper. There is no single entity that owns GNU/Linux… It’s just Micro$oft bulling people to make money… That’s one of the reasons I hate the Micro$oft-Novell deal, it is kind of a acknowledgment on Novell’s part that Linux infringes on (stupid) M$ patents, which in my point a view will be a tough sell…

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