A long leap from dBASE

dsc00600.jpgThis is my copy of the database programming “bible” I used to hold everywhere I went in the early 90s. I have designed over 10 database systems, complete with user interfaces, using dBASE III Plus. I did not go further to the IV series because I had moved to Microsoft Access by the time it was introduced.

The 10 systems I developed revolved around a) Library Document Encoding and Retrieval, b) Payroll System, c) News monitoring, and d) Human Resource Development.

I could have continued use of that DOS-based program had times not changed. By mid-90s, people went gung-ho over Windows 95 so yours truly had to change platforms correspondingly. The easiest I could do was to use Microsoft Access, which was very easy to learn. (Access is always touted as the database application of choice for the non-technical people (read: dummies).) From then on, database programming based on Access was my bread and butter.

By year 2000, I was transported to the world of free software–Linux. That opened my mind to other database programming possibilities. Thus, my current passion for PostgreSQL (also, but less, for MySQL). So database programming under Linux (as powered by PHP and Apache) is now my cup of tea.

It’s interesting to note how yours truly progressed from that lowly dot-prompt yet closed-source programming platform to the open-source web-based one. (Oh, but Oracle is absent from my profile. 😦 )

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