Bangkok Night Bazaar


Together with some of my co-participants at the IPR Workshop, I went last night to Bangkok’s finest place in terms of consumerism: Suan Lum or the Bangkok Night Bazaar. The place was so vast and abundant with a lot of personal commodities that one would spend hours to look for stuff s/he likes.

I particularly liked the roofless food center which is half as big as the bazaar area. Surely epicureans will love the place as there’s a lot of stores at the periphery offering Thai dish at very affordable prices. Chang, perhaps Thailand’s ‘national’ beer, is all around the place. On many tables, one can see mini-silos of beer (transparent and long) standing. Also, there is a stage at one end on which bands provide musical entertainment. And the strobe and laser lights would give one the feeling that s/he’s in a discotheque.

The food center reminded me of the Matina Town Square and other similar watering holes in Davao City.

You wonder what I bought from the bazaar? Well, with the budget of over 1,000 bahts, I only managed to buy two maternity dresses for my wife (she’s about three months preggy) and a shirt each for my kids. Nothing for myself, because being in Bangkok the third time around is enough souvenir for me.

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