Talking ’bout software patents

On the second day of the IPR Workshop held in Bangkok, I gave a brief presentation on software patents, being one of the barriers to access to technology, knowledge and information. At first, when Al, the great event organizer, announced among the participants that I would be giving a talk about it, I felt uncomfortable for the task. It was not only because of the worry that I might be able to present it below par; it was because of the feeling that software patents is not a relevant issue as far as most Asian countries are concerned.

Anyway, I still gave it a try. I focused my talk on the definition, some relevant facts relating to Europe and the US, and arguments for and against software patents.

My nerves got in the way of the presentation. I lacked the preparation for the presentation, so I stammered every now and then. But I hope I was able to impart sufficient information to the participants, despite the fact that no questions nor comments were raised after my talk. (In the Philippine NGOs, we have this axiom [that is said in a joking manner] that not asking about a presentation means either of two things: the presentation was understood or it was not understood at all.)

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