Can’t run PortableApps on a resricted Windows machine: Ugh!

For crying out loud, I can’t run my favorite open source applications from my flash drive right on a Windows machine that the internet cafe’s keeper said blocks programs not allowed by the system. What? I can’t run Firefox, my favorite browser? Isn’t that unfair?

I tried to negotiate with the cafe owner to give me permission to run PortableApps. But she would not listen. She did not even want to listen to my point about my freedom of choice as far as web browsers. I could do nothing else but to advise her to consider installing Firefox as more people are now using it.

Tsk, tsk. Internet cafe owners should have a basic education on FOSS so they become politically correct.


  1. I’m very sadden by people who don’t think “out of the box”… (sighs)… I think those net cafe owners need to smell the coffee (or maybe a sledgehammer will do too, 🙂 ) For me, if they don’t have FF (or I can’t install it), I immediately prompt for a log-out.

    Any program? Not even Torpark? I use it when a certain netcafe blocks some sites (when I need to download something).

  2. Oh I had those problems before. One very notorious cafe is Netopia. They installed FF for a week and I was quite enjoying myself (installed lots of extensions, namely an ftp client, download manager, performancing, video downloader). Then all of a sudden, FF was all gone (maybe they discovered my stash of youtube flvs lying around, oh well).

    I had a crawling dialup at home back then and I need to get my packages one way or another so I just made an html file with direct links to the packages. It’s download-heaven if you have FF’s DownloadThemAll extension, which with one right click downloads all the tarballs I needed. But alas that didn’t last long.

    Now that I have dsl at home I still hit the known public net shops if I need to get an iso or two — they’re still much faster than my connection back home. Thanks to the dropping prices of pen drives, with a 2GB, I can do this in less than an hour 😉

    TIP: in “restrictive” netshops where even exploring “My Computer” is prohibited, if you ever have the need to “explore” the network (hunting for already downloaded music, vids, etc), look if there’s and installation of mIRC. In options, where you can change your DCC folders. That dialog box is the key to launching explorer without restrictions…

  3. Get your own pages to work before complaining about net cafe’s – this page can’t even remember data put in.

    I wouldn’t trust you an inch close to my computers with this kind of web service you’re trying to run.

  4. Well this should be on of PLUGs main activities as alot of pinoys hit the internet cafes coz most don’t have PC. PLUG should come to the masses and not the other way around.

    Incidentally, PLUG website and all related sites like are ZZZZzzzzzz.

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