Got “1 rants” for 360

I’m not an English language expert. But I easily flare up, much less run amuck, when I come across simple grammar lapses. I can bear unintelligible English but I cannot take sitting down phrases like “1 comments” or “1 messages”.

The last time I checked (when I was a budding grade school pupil), a singular subject took a singular verb or something. In deference to 360 developers and programmers, and to all others taking this grammar lapse for granted, will you please insert just a line of code or two to handle correct English construction? For PHP buffs, it’s something like this:

if ($count[‘comment’] == 1) echo “1 comment”;
else echo $count[‘comment’] . ” comments”;

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One comment

  1. I remember being marked down by a professor in my computer science class for a routine that would handle proper grammar and was told it was unnecessary.

    I complained about my mark and explained what the routine was for and that proper grammar is just as necessary as writing optimized code.

    She reconsidered and got a perfect 1.0. 😀

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