My own calendar app

First, I trusted jpilot as my PIM app of choice. It was because of the Palm 515 that I used to rely on. But when the gadget turned unusable (screen with scratches and easily-drained internal battery), I moved to Evolution Calendar to host my events and deadlines. But it was slow on my machine. Then I decided to go online all the way. I have used Google Calendar (for private and office-related events) and (for public gigs). But I cannot rely on the Internet all the way. And don’t ever think advising me to go back to the paper-based system.

Inspired by 30boxes and Google Calendar, I created an offline web-based calendar, merging the powers of PostgreSQL, Apache and PHP. I’m confident that my data are safe and are organized using the RDBM model. And it loads very fast with dillo.

I’m thinking of further improving the calendar app by integrating javascript and including a quick-add feature, which entails a code that perfectly parses the user input (much like Google Calendar and 30boxes). But those can wait. Meantime, I’m enjoying this app.

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