To a friend, I described myself as an OCT

I sent a Facebook message to a friend based in New York. It’s in response to her query about my stuff. The message (I had to cut a portion for its very personal tone) was as follows:

I’m involved in an informal advocacy group called Bukas (Filipino term
for open as in open source and future). Most members belong to
non-profit organizations and are willing to contribute their time and
talents in several activities…

What I have been doing aside from that? I’m
still managing a non-profit org, PEACE Foundation. But you know what, I
still have some time doing consultancy in ICT. In the last Phil.
elections, I was involved in two projects, for which I developed web
programs using LAPP architecture.

Even as I manage PEACE
Foundation, I’m deeply involved in developing for it a web-based
program to manage its resources (human, technical, information,
financial). Although, I’m still in the initial stage. Offline people
and project management just get in the way :).

My org is
currently busy with the campaign to extend the Philippines’ agrarian
reform law which is due to be terminated next year.

Ah, I forgot to mention. I’m now Acting President of Philippine Linux Users Group (PLUG), There’s a Board election this June and I’m not sure I’ll be elected to the Board once again 🙂 .

thing I observe about myself. In everything I do, everytime I think,
and everytime I speak at advocacy-related meetings, I tend to think and
say something about ICT and open source and how they would complement
things. I’m beginning to be OCT: Obsessive-compulsive in ICT. 😀

know, I really miss Oakland and San Francisco. I wish to visit CA once
again in the future. I also wish to see you as well. All of these,
funds permitting.

Have you got time seeing Gunner lately?

So you now know what OCT means? It’s a disorder that people like me experiences. We think and act like ICT is an answer to almost everything.

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