Not all good news are good

Fr SMART: GOOD NEWS! We have increased your credit limit to P11,000.00 effective today.

This is the text message I received this week regarding my mobile phone account with Smart. It sure is a business scheme to make a customer happy and proud, foregrounding the motive for further profit. Indeed, I must be happy and proud that I was not able to miss paying my monthly bills which average P2,000. As a reward, Smart raises my credit limit from P6,000 to P11,000. Quite a quantum leap.

I don’t bite the bait, though. Since I was forced to earn money to settle my February bill (which amounted over P7K), I learned my lesson. I cannot afford to reach that limit in exchange for half of my monthly salary.

With the intermittent internet connection I’m experiencing with my phone, the higher credit limit is not the good news that I deserve. It should be the more stable and faster connection. The good news that I’m expecting is the policy that ‘dropped’ internet connections will no longer be charged to the customer.

In these times, one must be cautious and discreet enough not to fall into super-profit traps.

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