Guide to doing an online petition through

This is a simple guide to doing an online petition using the site. Comments are most welcome.

  1. Organize a group of persons claiming stake in an issue or problem that is sought to be resolved through an online petition.
  2. Collectively, clarify on the following:
    • The issue or problem. The more specific, the better.
    • The target person or set of persons who has the authority or accountability to act on the issue or problem.
    • Communities who may be targetted to join the online petition (by signing or allowing his/her name to be included in the signatories). Also, the number of signatures that is needed before the petition is formally submitted to the target person or agency.
  3. Analyze the issue or problem and be clear on the following:
    • Facts and figures about the gravity or magnitude of the issue/problem.
    • Consequences
    • Human rights affected by the issue/problem.
  4. Make the output of the foregoing exercises clear to the group. And then adjourn the exercise.
  5. Together with a colleague, go to and fill up the submission form. Most of the information you’ll fill in are based on the output of the foregoing group exercise.
  6. Together, review the data you filled in the submission form. Apply the “power-of-three” and grammar rules. Then finally submit it.
  7. Write down the web page address for your online petition. Bookmark it on your account or post it in your blog. Tip: Look for the links below your petition submission form.
  8. Send an email to all your contacts and appeal to them to a) join the online petition (by providing the link to that page) and b) forward the email to their respective contacts.
  9. Constantly check the petition page for the number of signatures collected. Once the target number has already been reached, decide with your organization or group whether or not to print the petition for submission to the target person or agency.

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