Femmes Fatales on MySpace?

You are a man having just reached 40 years and are into social networking. What would you do if you received a friend request from an American whom you did not know but whose profile is something like she’s 23 years old, liberated, cosmopolitan, and oozing with sex appeal?

Frankly enough, I was smitten by her sexy picture in her blurb. My mind played on naughtily and imagined what would happen next if I accepted her request. But, having come from a seminary, I think I was able to hone this flair of managing my impure thoughts, so that I won’t eventually violate my moral rules in life, thanks to my Roman Catholic enlightenment. Long story short, I ignored that very tempting offer by a lady who in fairness might just wanted electronic or virtual chums in her life, period.

But I’m exercising my right to choose my friends. I signed up with MySpace (last week) just to look for my old friends, not to have virtual ones who I had not met. I had been interested in its being number one social networking site in the US particularly. I also wishfully think that some of my long-lost friends would find me through that site.

Online seduction is how I can describe the friend request. And I can’t help but recall the child rape brouhaha involving MySpace in January this year. If online teens are capable of ending in abominable situations like that, could adults be victims in any way as well? I’m exaggerating, am I not? But what if it could be true that online men can be victims as well? Yeah, there could even be a sequel to the movie “Basic Instinct” for the digital age.

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