Bad iPhone

The hot hype this year about Apple’s iPhone, a revolutionary mobile phone that’s an answer to the popular 3G phones, will have to be doused by’s campaign against it. The reason: The phone locks a customer into AT&T, which has tied with the National Security Agency (NSA) in an alleged “massive, illegal program to wiretap and data mine Americans’ communications.”

Digg – iPhone – Defective By Design

For a long while, I’ve been wishing that iPhone hit the Philippine market and become an alternative to the current 3G phones having captivated many phone users. Smitten by its cool features and brand-new style, I wished to have that gadget (along with a Mac book, of course).

Now, since mainstains that iPhone is as bad as Vista, what with its DRM and anti-privacy features, my wish would have to be like a bubble just burst. So, if you’re living in the US using or wanting to have that gadget, think again and join the campaign against it. And if you’re living in the Philippines drooling at the thought of having one, wipe that off. In the meantime, make do with what you have, so long as it keeps you connected to your work colleagues, friends and loved ones.

And here’s wishing for open-source phones to finally capture the global market.

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  1. iHate the iPhone too. No MMS and no 3G/3.5G?! Come on… Don’t you just wish OpenMoko is released? 🙂

  2. Yay For the Australian Market and the non-data mining provider, heehee, who ever it may be **Cough, Cough** Telstra

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