Use of social media in advocacy work

For what use are social media as far as the non-profit community is concerned?

  • Blogs and networking with (fellow) bloggers virally market one’s advocacy issues. The same with social bookmarks such as and
  • Social networking sites are potential means to propagate one’s issues and galvanize actions from there. One maximizes his/her community of friends, work colleagues and loved ones as propagators of his/her issues.
  • Artists with a cause have their own chances to get heard through media sharing sites such as YouTube,, and Podcasting is one sure way for artists to showcase their advocacy products.
  • Advocacy work also requires links with the target communities which make social media a perfect tool. The more user-friendly the web sites are, the higher chance for the online advocacy to become successful.

In what ways social media may be maximized for one’s advocacies?

  • Network with (fellow) bloggers by commenting to their blog posts, providing trackbacks, and subscribing to their blog through rss (web content feed).
  • Sign up with social networking sites such as MySpace or Facebook and create a group or two about your cause.
  • Maximize your current social networks by creating a group or so and invite your friends/contacts to that group.
  • Create and utilize other types of media like videos, mp3s and photos in your advocacy work.
  • Raise chats to the higher level. Use them as a way to nurture relationships with your present and potential allies.
  • In designing your site:
    • choose a platform that provides rss service.
    • make effective use of tags.
    • use cause-related keywords in your meta and header tags.
  • Use a signature that provides links to your advocacy sites.

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