Marikina City becoming an e-city

There you go, a small city as it is, Marikina City has been able to optimize information and communication technology (ICT) for its own good governance purposes. Based on a story in its website, the city has set up a project dubbed “Marikina City’s Facility of Wireless Integrated Network Systems,” which is “an infrastructure consisting of 66 sites using mesh technology. It is expected to facilitate transactions and enable the sharing of files among local government offices and the city’s public schools and 16 barangays. The project is believed to make Marikina the first fully interconnected local government unit in the Philippines.”

The reports that the city is the first “fully Internet-connected LGU in the Philippines.” A Marikeno in me felt proud when I read that story. But an ICT advocate in me is taking a grain of salt, wondering about the process, content and direction of that project.

I only was unable to attend the project’s launching yesterday. Sayang. But rest assured that the project, or anything related to the use of ICT in Marikina City, will be a regular topic in this blog.

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