How to bring multiple images into a single PDF file

I observed that a few bloggers have not found a better way to capture and distribute scanned  articles. Take, for instance, the two-page article by Malu Fernandez that drew outrage from the blogosphere for its derogatory remarks about the overseas Filipino workers.

A couple of bloggers that scanned the two pages into two separate .jpg files and uploaded the two files for everyone’s access must have been unaware that there is a way for the two .jpg to be unified into a single file under the PDF format. Here’s how:

  1. Open a new OpenOffice Text document.
  2. Insert each image (.jpg file) into a page, depending on how you’d like them to be placed. If they are pages of an article, place each image in a page. (Tip: Insert a manual page break for every image.) The command for inserting an image is: Insert->Picture->From File.
  3. Review the layout of the pages.
  4. Save the document. Or, you may not have to do so if you’re just concerned about the PDF output.
  5. Export the document (or the buffer if you’ve not saved the document) to PDF format: File->Export as PDF.

This howto is most applicable in a situation where a voluminous document cannot, for various reasons, be re-encoded, so the better way to get an electronic version out of it is by scanning each page.

And I’m sorry that this howto applies to OpenOffice only. As far as I know, Microsoft Office does not have the built export-to-PDF feature. Although, there’s a licensed plugin from Adobe Acrobat Writer.


  1. There is another way of doing this. Is not better, it is just another option. You can download PDFCreator from the Internet (IT is open and free software). It creates a PDF printer in your system. Now you can print anything from any software to your PDF printer and you hava a PDF document! It is similar to PDF writer, but it is free and open source software. Enjoy it.

  2. mr easy,

    thank you!! so much for your simple and excellent option. its been a life save for me and it works great!!!

  3. This is not recommended methodology for dealing with anything more than about ten images. Open office does not cope well with that.

    If it’s just the text you need, you can create a fulltext of most print documents by scanning them in and using something like ABBYY to convert the imaged text to ASCII characters for storage.

  4. Foxit PdfEditor is a really good tool for creating complete pdf books. I beleive it’s called Foxit Phantom nowdays. I reccommend “Foxit PdfEditor v1.4” Its an old version but it’s the most user friendly. I have made complete .pdf documents of guitar tablature with 100+ p-ages with this software, And it’s never let me down. One tip though when making .pdf documents with this software start with the last page first or your completed .pdf will be all backwards 🙂
    Hope this helps someone.

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