My kids are pogs addicts

My wife and I can’t do anything about it: My kids have been preoccupied with the latest game craze, pogs. When they wake up in the morning, the first thing they would do is retrieve their pogs cards from a secret place and place them on the dining table. Robb is even more OC. He would eat meal with his pogs cards in one hand; the fork would then be of no use. That pogs addiction has been one of the reasons why we resort to spanking them. Why, the kids oftentimes forget to eat on time, do their homework promptly, and go to bed early.

My youngest 3-year-old son, Josh, has been ‘infected’. It’s been his routine to ask one peso from us and, without our knowledge, buy pogs (which costs 3 cards per peso) from a nearby store. Unfortunately, he cannot play it because he does not have the strength to slam the cards. His kiddie neighbors who are older than him would entice him to a game, which is of course one-sided. Everytime he loses, he comes back to Mommy and ask for another peso. Sometimes, Josh would discover the places where his Kuya and Diko hid their pogs. He’d get those to either give to other kids or lose to them in a one-sided game.

Look at the pictures of Robb and Martin playing solitaire with their pogs as soon as they got home from school.

The craze has not yet died out but has been in a dormant stage because of the rainy season. But I guess that preludes it. Only then would Lea and I sigh in relief.

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