Promoting Wikipilipinas: First the press, then the bloggers

I got an invite yesterday from Press Inc. to an event called Wikipilipinas Pinoy Bloggers Dinner, to be held on 31 August at Marina Seafood Restaurant in Pasay City. Quite far from home. That was my initial reaction to the invite. Honestly, I vacillated whether to come or not. It was not only the distance from my place, but also the purpose of the event that is beyond my current priorities. I’m a blogger but I’d like to keep a low-key profile when it comes to showing myself in public. (I’m not a shy type, though.)

The invite says:

Join the celebration and get a chance to:

Win a special-edition red iPod NANO and other special commemorative freebies and Hip ‘N Free User’s Manual to WikiPilipinas

Get a special behind-the-scenes look inside the Philippine Knowledge Revolution! Get a one-on-one with Gus Vibal and his WikiPinoy team on the secrets behind the fastest-growing Internet portal in Philippine history.

* Know more about Project WikiPilipinas
* Learn about the long tail and how it helps propel your blog
* Understand copyleft and its implication in a knowledge company
* Bone up on Internet buzz word
* Get an exclusive interview with Gus and the WikiPinoy team

Learn why Bloggers and WikiPilipinas go together–understand the special synergy of open-source collaborative projects of your blog.

Help propel WikiPilipinas and we’ll help propel your blog!

I understand that the dinner is a marketing effort by Wikipilipinas. Fresh from its success in coming out to the press, its next stop: Pinoy bloggers. Speaking of the SEO.

For out of curiosity as to what will happen at the dinner, I accepted the invite. It is also cool to meet with fellow bloggers and the WikiPinoy team. It might finally convince me that Wikipilipinas is a relevant undertaking where online, collaborative knowledge creation and access to knowledge are concerned.

Who knows, I might win that cool red iPod.

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