Can you live without Twitter? I can’t

I’ve committed to myself that I’ll twit (a task that means posting an update about what you’re doing or thing as of the moment) at least once a day.

Twitter, that online tool for “presence updates”, has changed the meaning of social networking in terms of providing a handy way for your friends to get to “follow” you. Is there a difficult task that drives you crazy? Post it and your co-twitters’ unsolicited advice might help. Do you have a loved one that is being hospitalized, under a critical stage? Twit about it and your friends will offer their prayers at the very least.

But let me go back to what I said earlier. Twitter has been my indispensable diary tool since I started using it in the middle of the year. But you wonder, how do I do that? I maintain a blog site called Dungkal Daily that runs under the WordPress platform. I installed a plug-in called “Twitter Tools“, which is developed by Alex King. With the app, daily posts containing my twits for a day are automatically created and published on the blog. So, there. With the blog containing a daily collection of my twits, I can look in it for important stuff that happened to me.

Just tonight, I tried to visit my site only to know that it is being upgraded. My stock reaction was “Common, I need to twit at this moment.” But taking a closer look at the “maintenance” page, I thought that is up to some things big. I just wish that the upgrade takes the following into consideration:

  • URLs are not made part of the 140-character limit.
  • One can assign tags to each update.
  • One can create channels like what Jaiku fans can do.
  • One can select people who can read his/her particular twit.
  • One can make brewed coffee out of Twitter 😀

Twitter has become an important tool in my life’s journey that I can’t live without it. So “some catz” really have to do their maintenance job really well.

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