Gmail’s attachments handling features, more Microsoft-friendly?

I can’t believe that Gmail doesn’t have an HTML viewer for documents produced using ODF. Look at the image that contains four document types and Gmail’s corresponding services for each type. The view-as-HTML feature is available only for PDF and Microsoft’s binary formats (.doc, .xls, etc.). Likewise, both formats of ODF and pre-Microsoft Office 2007 can be edited through Google’s web-based document processing service.

Interestingly, Gmail has not yet developed a service to OOXML documents more than the download one. Does this mean that Gmail is part of the “No OOXML” movement or it’s just waiting for the approval of the ISO for OOXML as another standard document format alongside ODF?

Hats off to Gmail for its current stance vis-a-vis OOXML. But let me go back to my earlier rant. Why doesn’t Gmail give to OpenOffice documents the importance it gives to Microsoft Office documents? It would be handier for us OpenOffice fans to have an HTML viewer for OpenOffice documents. (I wonder also if there is a program to view OpenOffice documents on a terminal as ‘catdoc’ does to MS Word documents.)

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