IBM Lotus Symphony sounds good, but 2.3 rocks

It’s great to know that IBM has joined the efforts to propagate open source office suites using ODF format. Thanks to the announcement over PLUG mailing list, I came to know about IBM Lotus Symphony. Followed the link and readily installed the suite in my laptop computer.

However, the long time it took me to install the package had me suspect that Symphony would run slow in my laptop. And it excruciatingly did. I came back to the thread about the IBM announcement and found out that the Beta version was specifically meant for Suse Linux Enterprise 10 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, which require 900MB disk space minimum, and 1G RAM memory minimum. Tsk, tsk. I’m to blame because I didn’t refer to the Requirements page.

Two comments affirmed my glitchy exploration into Symphony:

  1. “It installs under Ubuntu Feisty. But that’s about it. I see in the program menu, bu it doesn’t run. I have to go back and look at their prerequisites.”
  2. “Install fine with Fedora 7 but I can say oOo still opens much faster. Its built heavily on Java and Eclipse technology which probably good because because plug-in development is very ccessible. It also uses its owned bundled IBM java version.”

On the positive side, Symphony appears to be the answer to Microsoft Office 2007 for its ‘Windowsy” look. It’s also user-friendlier in terms of the context-sensitive task panes at the right side of the window. But still, the bad news is that Symphony does not have equivalents for’s Base, Draw, and Math.

A day after the IBM-announcement post, I then learned about the official release of’s latest version at 2.3. Initially, I downloaded and installed it from’s site. No major changes except minor yet important ones. I tried to explore the Base and Impress and I felt that few  annoyances I had experienced were resolved already. With Base, the form and report wizards have come back. With Impress, handouts layout options were a bit changed for the better.

It’s unfair to compare Symphony from at this point in time. To Symphony, good luck. To, continue to rock.


  1. teacher dungkal, straightforward lang ba yung pag install ng 2.3 na openoffice? i have the 2.2 version currently running 🙂

  2. @taroogs. Kailangang i-uninstall muna yang 2.2 version sa machine mo. Then i-download at i-install yung DEB version sa openoffice site.

    But if I were you, maghintay na lang muna ako until next month, kung kailan iri-release yung final version ng Gutsy. Shipped sa final version ang OOo 2.3.

    Pero kung may leisure ka ng time at eager na ma-install yung 2.3, I’ll help you. Ready?

  3. teacher dungkal, antayin ko na alng yung official release ng gutsy gibbon para isang kaba na lang ang titiisin ko 🙂

    pero sa last update ko ng Ubuntu version (from the previous version to Feisty Fawn), naalala ko na inabot ako ng 7 hours to download the entire thing.

    matagal pero exciting din naman… plus it worked alright after installation — no glitches, hitches or hiccups whatsoever!

  4. I’m just testing Symphony… doesn’t seem to be an OOo killer!
    Well, I’m still very frustrated OOo looks so old-fashioned, and no way it’l change for the next release 😦
    Fork it, folks!

  5. am now running gutsy gibbon (Ubuntu ver 7.10) and Open Office 2.3 comes standard 🙂 asteeeg! one happy opensourcer is what i am. hehe

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