My Linux Desktop

My Linux Desktop

In response to taroogs who displayed a “free view” of his current Ubuntu desktop, let me show mine here. No, it’s not Ubuntu but Kubuntu. (Although, I have to admit that my computer has Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu installed at the same time. It’s just me. But since isda (name of my laptop) is kinda slow [not necessarily as slow as the owner’s grey matter], I’m oftentimes confined to running IceWM instead, which takes up less resources [CPU and memory]).

My desktop explained

What’s the purpose of my desktop? First, to gratify myself. Second, to attract somebody else’s attraction. “Wow, great desktop! What Windows version are you using?” A 5 to 10 minute introduction to Linux then follows.

The wallpaper is courtesy of a KDE fan who contributed it to be among the free-of-charge KDE wallpapers. Atop are links to my active documents, i.e., those I’m currently editing or writing as well as those I just downloaded either for review or reading.

Noticed the picture thumbnails? Yeah, they’re the cutie snapshots of my beloved. Of course, Josh Herald, my youngest, takes the most number of ads 😛

The toolbar. It’s rather big compared to Windows’ default size. But I like it big, anyway. Because it can host a number of icons, applets and links to open programs. And have you noticed the clock? Noticed its complete date and time info? Does Windows provide the name of the day?

Oh, I almost forgot. I’m already running bleeding-edge (meaning not yet official) version of Gutsy Gibbons. The Beta version will be released two days from now. But I can’t wait for it. I’d rather enjoy the excitement of an early adopter: “I have it first.”


  1. dunkgal, isa din pala yan sa nagustuhan ko sa Ubuntu versions — yung double silly name pairs nito — edgy eft, gutsy gibbons, ano pa nga ba yung iba? hehehe… reminds me of a fun program that changes the names of mozilla firefox randomly — firedog, watercow, etc….

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