Angels without wings

My daughter Dea Hannah is already 5 years old now. And I’m grateful to loved ones and colleagues who extended their help, without which it would be impossible for me to minister to my wife and daughter when they were in hospital. Brace yourself for the rather long list:

  • Ninong Maning Q, who gave me his committed financial support at the time I needed it already. He himself went to the hospital despite his own problem with his son, who was also in a hospital for viral infection.
  • AJ, who, from out of her resolve to still have me at a major work activity that coincided with Lea’s delivery, had Lorna B switch roles with me for one day: She to assist Lea at the hospital, me to participate in the activity (as a resource person). Indeed, I only realized about this possibility with AJ’s resourceful mind. “Let’s help each other Dong,” were her words that ran true during the last weekend.
  • Lorna, my kumare who accommodated me when I needed her help to facilitate my financial benefits like an emergency loan. Of course, I’m more grateful to her because she pitched in to assist Lea while I was in our activity.
  • Clea, my kumare who prioritized preparation of my check for an emergency loan.
  • Junjun, who brought me my salary advance early in the morning of Saturday. I used the money to buy milk, diapers and feeding bottle for Dea Hannah.
  • Goddie, who helped me prepare PhilHealth-related documents (certification and previous contributions) required by the hospital for deductions from my bill.
  • Bubong, who brought me the documents prepared by Goddie and assisted me in preparing my wife and daughter in going home.
  • Brothers-in-law Vardy and Niel, who brought our kids to and from the hospital.
  • Nanay Nora (our house help) and mother-in-law Ma Maneng, who took care of our kids at home.

I’m also grateful of distant loved ones and friends who sent their best wishes for our new angel. They were not with us physically, but their prayers and good thoughts helped a lot.

I felt that everything that happened last week was God’s handiwork. He let me survive the challenges that came my way. It’s as if He sent unwinged angels to see me through. I felt like a favored soul here on earth, thinking that there are other people who are much more needy than me. I’d like to pay it forward by being an angel to friends who’ll need the same help I needed and had.

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