Great ado with Gutsy beta update

Since I’m already using Ubuntu Gutsy still in development stage, I should not be surprised at a possible breakdown of my machine because of an OS glitch. In previous flavors of Ubuntu (Edgy and Feisty), I could not remember I had any problem with their development versions except that I needed to reconfigure my xorg.conf to tweak my touchpad.

But with Gutsy, I had an experience that made me panic. This happened after I had updated my Gutsy’s beta version. While my laptop was booting, an interminable series of error messages was spieled off. I took a snapshot of three of the messages (see image).

I thought that the error is due to a broken process or something. So I pressed Ctrl+D to kill it for the next process to ensue. It would not seem to stop so I continued to press Ctrl+D but repeatedly. It didn’t solve it, so I rebooted the machine. The problem was still there although that time I was routed to a root password prompt. In trying to look for the culprit, I found that all my hda partitions, except the /, were not usable or something. “Corrupted?” I asked myself in silent panic. I pressed Ctrl+D hoping that I would finally make sense of the problem. X went fine but I was not brought to my home directory but the root.

In my Google search, I discovered that evms was to blame. I found that the workaround is to edit the evms.conf file and replace the line “exclude [ ]” with “exclude [ * ]”. That means excluding all storage devices (harddisks, for instance) from the evms storage management framework. I followed the tip, then rebooted the machine. Success!

Further on in my Google search about the bug, I found out that it was discovered in the earlier development version of Gutsy but was supposed to be resolved later. But I wonder: If this is the case, why did the problem crop up again when I updated my system yesterday? Aren’t software revisions supposed to be progressive, not otherwise?

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  1. ooops… i’d better put off my upgrading then! hehehe… unlike you, teacher dungkal, i’d probably go into immediate, unadulterated panic had the same thing happened to me 🙂

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