Microsoft best campaigner against its own

The Microsoft Corporation is the runaway winner of the Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure’s (FFII) award this year: “Best Campaigner against OOXML Standardization“. As soon as I read the news, I thought that FFII did it to make fun of Microsoft. On a serious note, I thought that FFII could not probably find a really worthy entity to win the prize.

OK, I’m giving it to FFII. Its decision to “praise” Microsoft for its meritorious efforts to kill its own campaign in favor of the ISO-certified open document standards is but an effective propaganda. And Microsoft people must be reeling in seeing red. I wonder how it will react without any trace of ire or touchiness (pagka-pikon). The challenge is how it would turn the table around in favor of proprietary “standards”. Or, Microsoft will just not give a hoot.

I think Microsoft must as well be commended and therefore be given an award for its promoting free and open source software (FOSS), what with a number of failed and abominable attempts it has undertaken to perpetuate its realm in the software world. The FSF,, and Open Source Initiative must take the cue from FFII then.

Apple watch out.

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