Superpoke, lotto, TV trivia: Getting by endless Facebook requests

If you’re on Facebook, the image you’re seeing must be familiar to you. I mean, if you’re hooked to Facebook like you’re using it to have fun with your friends, then, the image must look common to you.

That image is a snapshot of the requests I’ve gotten so far from several of my Facebook friends, most of which I dunno how to respond to, honestly. I’ve signed up with Facebook because I believe in its power to maintain contact with my friends through updates in our personal and professional lives. But to join lotto, answer TV show trivia, or accept a growing gift is beyond me at this point.

Is it my age (I’m 40 now), just my priorities, or the tedious process of accepting invites and then inviting others to an application or cause? I’m not closing doors, though. I’m taking it as a challenge. I guess Facebook will grow on me gradually. Perhaps, I should accept the “define-me” request so that I could know from my friends their views of me. Wet blanket? Old dog? Wallflower?

But I thought that FB is a simple networking site. It’s getting complicated with lots of notifications and requests from the growing number of my friends. I’m sure some of them (who also receive “unsolicited” requests from me, actually) feel the same way.

Nevertheless, I still consider FB as a great apps and content aggregating tool, a venue showcasing programmers’ talents, and a medium that facilitates exchange of pleasantries among friends, whether in groups or networks.

In the meantime, I think I’ll accept the “gift poke” invitation. It sounds interesting. And that “superpoke” thing sounds deadly, doesn’t it?

One comment

  1. from one “pokee” (poe-key… hindi poh…erm.. a basta, hindi ganun) to another, medyo addicting nga itong facebook na ito. andaming pwedeng gawin to irritate your friends! hehehe 🙂

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