Nuisance Strangers in Gaim

Everytime I open Pidgin (formerly Gaim, a powerful chat app for Linux), at least five IMs are opened coming from people I totally don’t know. I was a victim already of this kind of spam. Last year, I received an IM from my supposedly former office mate and pointed me to a site that allegedly contained her photos. I followed the link and redirected me to a different site (which I already forgot). I began to suspect. Perhaps I was hacked, I mean, my Yahoo account was. Friends I consulted said my Yahoo account would be hacked if I would not act immediately changing my Yahoo password. So I did change my password in the nick of time.

You see, that experience has taught me a lesson not to be too gullible in the virtual space or pay a dear price in real life.

Going back to the Pidgin thing. Today I received eight IMs with almost similar messages:

  1. Hey dungkal, remember me? i know its been awhile LOL, Hey i found this great dating site the other day check it out,[link to site].
  2. Hi,dungkal [garbled text]
  3. Hi, dungkal is this what you asked about the other day? [garbled text]
  4. Hi, dungkal Check out this site [garbled text]

I wonder if the garbled text is Pidgin’s way of parsing a suspicious link into an opaque version so that one wouldn’t be tempted to click it. Cool, then. Except that the first IM managed to escape that security check by Pidgin, if ever that check really exists.

So if you receive this kind of messages in your chat program, don’t be trusting enough to follow.

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