Online Pinoys’ search for meanings and answers

Corruption, proverty, homosexual. These were the words noted to have been mostly used by Filipino Google searchers. Aside from these words, Filipinos are also top searchers for the words “drugs”, “love”, and “Brad Pitt.” Yes, words that could give one an idea what’s preoccupying the online Filipino mind over time.

I didn’t know there’s that provides information on the frequency of topics and keywords searched worldwide through Google Search. I verified the report by myself to be correct. Likewise, I tried to search other words that it may not have discovered or reported. Words that I suspect to have also fed into cyberpinoys’ angst, curiosity, or otherwise.

Keyword/Topic Philippines’ Place Remarks
Hatred 1st Followed by Australia and United Kingdom
Faith 1st Followed by United Kingdom and United States
Mining 7th Top countries are South Africa, Australia and Indonesia
Social Justice 2nd First is Australia
Agribusiness 1st Followed by India and Australia
Reform 1st Followed by Ireland and Australia
Charter Change 1st Trailed by United States and Canada
Social Media 3rd Trailing Colombia and Mexico
ZTE 6th Topnotchers are Pakistan and Malaysia
Migration 4th India, Australia and Singapore are top three.
Call Center 1st Followed by India and Pakistan
Bribery 2nd Following Malaysia and followed by Hong Kong
Military Government 1st Followed by United States and Canada
Justice System 1st Followed by Australia and Canada
Shabu 1st Indonesia and Malaysia follow.
Texting 2nd Second to New Zealand and over United Kingdom
Constitution 1st Followed by United States and France
Gender 2nd First is South Africa and third, Australia
Rural Development 7th Nigeria, Kenya and India are top three.
Agrarian Reform 1st Next two are United States and Canada.
Nepotism 1st Followed by South Africa and United States
Civil Society 3rd South Africa and Indonesia are top two.
Killings 1st Australia and New Zealand come next.
President 1st Followed by United States and India
Cash Gift 1st Followed by United States and Canada
Impeachment 1st United States and Brazil are second and third, respectively.
Human Rights 5th South Africa and New Zealand lead.

I also tried to search the words freedom, democracy, Microsoft, open source, coup, revolution, education, and opposition. Interestingly, the Philippines did not figure in the top ten, at the very least.

Google Trends may be used to focus the study on different places in the Philippines. It’s interesting to note that while ‘corruption’ is the mostly used search keyword in Davao del Sur, Cebu, Manila and Rizal, ‘impeachment’ is confined to Manila only.

I wonder if other search engines offer the same service. Yahoo has Yahoo! Buzz, though it’s much more showbiz. And do you know what the Philippines is famous for in Yahoo! Buzz?. Check this out.

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