When will Arroyo personally inspect her allegedly corrupt agencies as well?

President Arroyo is so concerned about the security situation in the country that she made a surprise personal inspection at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). It seems to show that her security concern is for Filipinos who go abroad (read: overseas Filipino workers) and foreigners who frequent the country (read: foreign investors).

So much for economic concerns. I wonder if she can show similar empathy for other people about whose security she must be concerned as well? By security, I mean freedom from government practices (graft and corruption, red tape, etc.) that impinge on the people’s rights. I’m pretty sure she is also concerned about them. I then ask: When is President Arroyo going to do on-the-spot personal inspections at the agencies allegedly committing systematic malpractices? Can she do so at the Department of Agriculture, Department of Agrarian Reform, and Department of Environment and Natural Resources, at the very least?

I don’t disagree that foreign investments and OFW remittances bring about economic development in the country. But don’t the hapless small rural producers do so as well? Madame President, be fair enough. Inspect your corruption-ridden agencies as well. Don’t be too concerned about people who suddently die from accidents like the Glorietta 2 blast. Think also of people who slowly die because of poverty, because of corruption and lack of political will in government.


  1. i wonder how GMA feels about the fact that it is her own people that the majority of Filipinos suspect to be behind, not only this bombing, but of the many other bombings in the past? sword of damocles ito!

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