God bless generous Gmail

Wow, I can’t believe that my Gmail disk quota has gone up to 4,328 megabytes. It must have been my reward for staying loyal to Gmail for over three years now.

From September 7, 2004 when I registered for a Gmail account, I managed to use up over 2 gigabytes with over 28,000 mails. (Caveat: I couldn’t count the actual number of mails because the count Gmail only shows is that about threads [or conversations, as what Gmail calls it]).

Gmail is generous. Perhaps Google is looking at Gmail users as its virtual stockholders and it’s just right to give non-financial dividends to them as the corporation has been raking in a lot of profit for its commercial endeavors. Its net income increased seven times from its December 2004 earnings of $399,199.

Google’s strategy has worked for it. What it gives free from one hand, it takes much more into another. Indeed, there is such thing as free lunch, because the one giving it has more, more than enough. Google is capable of giving much more space because it wouldn’t be called Google if it is not.

Perhaps, another reason why Google is giving much more Gmail space is that it still pales in comparison to Yahoo in terms of users (including those who’ve been loyal Yahoo fans since Day 1). Although I believe that the reason why Gmail has not reached the 1% of the market share in terms of web hits is that Gmail users are allowed to access to their mailboxes outside of the web via the POP3 service. And it remains a great advantage of Gmail over Yahoo, which only allows POP3 to paid users.

But then, it may be true that there are still lots more of Yahoo Mail users out there. I have attended a lot of conferences and fora and I have seen Yahoo email addresses outnumbering Gmail ones in the attendance/registration sheets. (I have this impression that those with Yahoo email addresses are Yahoo fans who don’t care about disk space at all, while those with Gmail accounts are either Google converts or people who want a change in managing mails and much more disk space, to boot. Although, I’m sure there are peeps like me who maintain both Yahoo and Gmail accounts, only that either of the two should be more active. In my case, it’s obviously Gmail.)

POP3, now including IMAP. Over 4 GB of space. New mail management features, including multiple labels. Ads that feel like they don’t exist at all. Fast. With recordable chats integrated into the mailbox. More protection against spam. These are some of the cool things about Gmail. And I think I’ll stick to my Gmail account for at least another three years.

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