(1) Not smarter than a fifth grader

Watching “Kakasa Ka Ba sa Grade 5?” every Saturday is fun and “re-educational”. It’s very revealing that the contestants so far since the show’s debut last Saturday have not gone higher than four correct answers to questions ordinarily asked of up to fifth graders. Modesty aside, I excelled during my elementary school years. But I guess I forgot most of what I learned then.

I tried to answer this Saturday’s questions myself. But I only managed to answer three of seven questions. Shame, shame, shame! But fun, fun, fun, just the same.

  1. Pinakamaliit na yunit ng pamayanan (smallest unit in a community). My answer: Barangay. Wrong! Correct answer: Pamilya or mag-anak (family).
  2. “On the table”, “at home”, “for sister” are what kind of phrases? My answer: Prepositional phrases. Correct!
  3. How many tens are there in 523? My answer: 52. Wrong! Correct answer: 2.
  4. How many 5 centavos in 1 peso? My answer: 20. Correct!
  5. Which of the following words is not an action word: flying, sleeping, eating, none of the above? My answer: None of the above. Correct!
  6. What represents an idea and a symbol for a number? My answer: Solution. Wrong! Correct answer: Numeral.
  7. Sinong bayani ang nanguna sa pagtahi sa bandila ng Pilipinas? (Which hero/heroinne was first to weave the Philippine flag?) My answer: Melchora Aquino. Wrong! Correct answer: Marcela Agoncillo.


  1. There is one biggest idiot in the US version. The 5th Grader “Marki” decided to put a wrong answer, thinking, “There is NO WAY she could not get this answer correct.”

    You can see it on youtube: just type in “Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader” and it will be contestant named “Jennifer”

  2. Cute kya ng kakasa ka ba sa grade 5 okay yung mga tanong…di ako mkpaniwalang di mo naalala ung smallest unit ng community…

    ang keyword is community and political. Pag-sinabing political then it’s barangay…beh.

    great blog!

  3. o and…ang kaasar na pla sa kakasa ka ba sa Grade 5 eh sobrang madaming commercial..

    nakakalimutan ko n ung shor…sigaw n lng ako ng sigaw na..KOMERSYAL KOMERSYAL…

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