My Moleskine

I met Jasper of yesterday at Starbucks Katipunan Ave. and transacted with him for a Moleskine large plain reporter notebook at a price of P650.00. (Quite too much for a non-rich guy like me!)

After the meeting, I had a mixed feeling of “wow, I finally have moleskine as my own!” and “waah, I lost six-hundred-fifty bucks!” Add to that the first impression that I would not be able to use the stuff all the time for its big size. When you unfold it, it will take 16-and-a-half inches of space. And peeps will take notice.

But as soon as I started to push my pen on it, the vicarious feeling of writing on the venerable Moleskine became real. It’s like writing on a slightly wet or a slightly grainy paper, which makes my strokes clearly registered.

So what I started to use the prized possession with? When I got to Malate Church for a concelebrated mass of Bishops (as part of our campaign for CARP extension with reforms), I sat in one corner to be hardly noticed. I opened my Moleskine and started to write a piece to be said by one Masbate farmer during the rosary procession after the mass. The writing entailed six pages, back to back, or three sheets. I detached the sheets and promptly gave those to the lady farmer.

Never mind if the notebook costs me P2.70 per sheet, excluding the cover, pocket, and cord. Never mind if I detached the three sheets and gave them away. The baptism that the notebook got from me (the fact that it happened inside a church) augurs well for a creative and productive writing on the road (just like what happened to the likes of Ernest Hemingway and Bruce Chatwin!). OK, what would be the name of my Moleskine then? Ahh, let me name it Molly. And I wish to have its siblings in the future.


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