Losing 11 mothers a day

I’m fortunate and blessed to have my wife not to be one of 11 Filipina mothers dying daily due to pregnancy complications. After giving birth to our fourth and last baby, my wife and I decided that she be ligated. Why, for three deliveries, she has underwent life-threatening stages like post-eclampsia and high blood pressure. The decision was not that difficult to make. Particularly on my part.

The feeling of a husband waiting outside the delivery room fidgety is nothing compared to the sacrifice of his birthing wife. Good thing my wife got to understand the worries I have everytime she is brought to the delivery room. “God, please keep my wife and our baby safe. God, if you have to choose one alive, let it be my wife.” This prayer became became more fervent. Since God is good, four times did my wife overcome the suffering, with our babies bouncing like our little angels.

Of course, other reasons for the ligation are purely economic. One baby every barely three years means frequent emptying of our pockets and divided attention to kids. And I can’t imagine how much more if we had more than four.

But personal aspect aside, the figures are pretty revealing. What is more shocking is that high maternal mortality rate is most prevalent in the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (ARMM). This while infanticipating mothers in the National Capital Region enjoy good facilities the most. I think that this problem warrants an immediate action on the part of the government. Citizens, women and men alike, must also do their share by holding education sessions on responsible parenthood and campaigning for pregnant-women-friendly government services.

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  1. mahirap (at nakaka-kaba) nga ang magkaroon ng sobrang daming anak. lalu na sa panahong ito. kami, i think 2 would be our ceiling 🙂

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