My Macbook’s backlight problem just solved

Thanks to Mr. Neil Turner for being my digital angel for this morning.

I’ve been banging my head on the wall for (figuratively) for my problem with “my” (it actually belongs to my office) Macbook’s screen backlight which has been unpredictably off and on. I am sure I haven’t done anything to cause the problem.

I even gave up on Googling (sorry but I prefer to ‘verb’ the word) on the concern.

Until this morning when God seemed to shed light on my head. Then I was able to hand-pick this URL from the list spewed by Google:

The tips came from Neil Turner and I chose the tip #2: “Zap your PRAM”. It worked like magic. And if I may add to the tip, the Macbook user trying this should be advised that as soon as s/he heard the ‘ding’ sound and the backlight was on, s/he should already release the keys s/he’d been holding down.

Thanks again, Mr. Turner. Your tip shed (back)light on my Macbook.


  1. thank u very much it seems to work for me too, after months searching about this problem, believing were not a hardware problem, nor a cable problem but a system problem, and after many kind of test, i found finally here the solution, big time thanks, ofcourse a big thanks to the one who solve the problem Mr. Neil Turner…

  2. Thank you! As a remote employee when my computer light didn’t turn on today I had a slight heart attack. Now it works! !

  3. Followed your link, rebooted a couple times and the backlight is magically working again! You just saved me $400!

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