Managing the bcc paranoia with mutt

No, mutt has no problem with sending mails with a bcc (blind carpon copy) option. Rest assured that mutt by default won’t reveal the email addresses that you bcc’d an email message to. Even you the sender will not see them.

What? How can that be? Can I not trust myself to keep the secret?

Of course yes, mutt developers answer:

For users who use Exim or other MTAs that don’t strip bcc headers, normally you must set write_bcc=no so that your bcc headers won’t show up in messages unintentionally. However this also has the effect of preventing the Bcc line from showing up in your saved mail.

I’ve written a patch against the latest CVS so that the Bcc line is always written to the fcc (saved mailbox) regardless of the value of $write_bcc which allows you to see who your Bcc recipients were when reviewing your sent mail. I suspect it will also apply against any recent version of mutt, since the affected code probably hasn’t changed in a long time. I’ve tested it with no problems, but feel free to provide feedback if you have trouble with it.

(From mutt-users mailing list)

The latest mutt version is so paranoid about the bcc stuff that it does not register the bcc field in the saved email. But it still gives you the freedom to have it registered, though. So the solution is to insert this line in your .muttrc file:

set write_bcc = yes

Just promise yourself:

  1. Not to let anyone snoop on your sent-mail or outbox folder (this one’s for the super duper paranoid);
  2. That in forwarding email that contains the bcc header portion, to yank that pandora’s box off the email body.